IT Proficiency

Michael Houlihan & Partners has a commitment to innovation. Our investment in technology has positioned us substantially ahead of our principal competitors in a number of key areas including security, efficiency, and customer experience. This commitment, to deliver the highest level of customer service by operating at the leading edge of technology, sets us apart as one of the leading medium sized firms of solicitors in the country. It is understandable that in the current challenging economic environment, many businesses have delayed IT investments in hardware and software. But we recognise that it is also a fact that in these tight times, our business needs to do more, faster and with fewer resources than ever before. The pressure has never been greater. Therefore we have recently completed a major upgrade of all our hardware and software systems, to become more competitive and productive than ever before.

Case Management

We have invested in a comprehensive practice and case management system, which includes accounting, case and document management, time recording and billing, plus integrated digital dictation facilities which together form a complete system to meet the back and front office requirements of a busy modern legal practice.

Windows 7, Office 2010 & Smart Phones

As part of our continued commitment to invest in the best technology available, we have recently completed a total upgrade of our IT Networks.We have upgraded all our staff to a 64 bit Hardware platform, running the latest Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. This new operating system offers our staff better performance, more security and enhanced multitasking capabilities, making them more productive team members. We have also upgraded all staff to the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional platform. With Office 2010, we have found efficient ways to manage and organize communications, work collaboratively on client cases to complete them faster, and access mission-critical information while on-the-go. Busy schedules and information overload was making it harder for our staff to cope with day to day workloads. Office 2010 has enabled us to streamline operations, work together in new ways and become more productive, which continues to give Michael Houlihan& Partners a greater competitive edge. Because of the nature of our business, data security is critical; therefore we invested heavily in the latest technology available to ensure that our networks and client data remain secure at all times. The dramatic proliferation of laptops means mobile workforces could expose large amounts of company data outside the secure perimeters of the office network. Michael Houlihan& Partners has implemented full disk encryption on all mobile devices, following the lead of enterprises, businesses and government agencies around the world. This provides the highest level of data security through a combination of pre-boot authentication and strong encryption algorithms. E-mail-borne virus threats and an ever-increasing volume of SPAM has been eliminated by the switchover to an external e-mail filtering service provider which is now recognised as the world leader in this field. MHP is therefore guaranteed not to receive an e-mail borne virus and our incoming spam levels have disappeared. The investment in this system

System up-time and availability

Our automated and remote systems management service is designed to align our IT objectives with our strategic business goals. This service provides 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting on all our business critical systems. Over the past decade MHP has invested heavily in IT to improve staff productivity, secure client data, and streamline internal processes. This allows us to offer an unparalleled customer experience in a secure, easy-to-use environment. MHP continue to review any new developments in the IT sector and will continue to invest in any new systems which may be of benefit to either our staff or clients. MHP have long recognised that data security/backup and disaster recovery is a business essential. We continue to invest heavily in business continuity and data recovery, which ensures that our most important information remains accessible, accurate and secure, even when the unexpected occurs. Our disaster recovery solution is designed to protect a wide spectrum of applications, databases, hardware platforms and devises in our heterogeneous IT environment. All our server images and backup data are securely stored offsite in a fire proof location, using 256 bit AES Encryption in full accordance with the Data Protection Act and other recent legislation. We have contracted our data security and disaster recovery planning to Newtec Services, who are a long established national IT company with a proven track record in this field. At MHP we have the facility to use video conferencing utilising Megameeting and are able to video conference nationally and internationally.