Where charities are concerned, the law can be complex, with many regulations in place to ensure accountability, transparency and to enhance public trust and confidence. MHP has always been active in the community and voluntary sector – acting for a number of charities and advising many not-for-profit organisations. Through our work with educational, religious and voluntary bodies in all areas of charity law, we have built-up extensive practical experience, knowledge and understanding.

The work we do for our various charity clients includes assisting and advising on:

  • Interpretation and implementation of the all-important Charities Act 2009, which was a significant milestone for voluntary work in Ireland, and changed the way charities are governed.
  • Incorporation, including the appropriate legal structures and benefits of a company limited by guarantee.
  • Obtaining consent of the Charities Regulator and previously the Commissioner for Charitable Donations and Bequests
  • Registering with the Charities Regulatory Authority.
  • Obtaining taxation exemption from the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Governance issues.
  • Roles of trustees and directors.
  • Statutory compliance in employment law matters.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Fund raising regulations.

Many of our solicitors are themselves active members of charitable organisations and participants in the voluntary sector, and are also non-executive board members of various charities.

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