Environment and Planning

Working with local authorities is an important part of MHP’s history and we have extensive experience in this niche area of law. We have acted for Clare County Council for more than 40 years and currently handle work for six other Local Authorities nationwide.

We can assist with a broad-spread of local authority issues including:

  • Local authority environmental issues.
  • Judicial review and environmental litigation.
  • Matters pertaining to various local authority acts including the Local Government (Water Pollution) Acts,, Water Services Acts, Waste Water Treatment Acts to include advices on Waste Water Regulations, disposal of hazardous waste and environmental Pollution. This can involve Waste Water Permits, the disposal of hazardous waste and pollution liability under the Water Pollution Acts.
  • Compulsory Purchase Order Scheme.
  • Local Authority Enforcements.
  • Local Authority Injunctions.
  • Local Authority Prosecutions.
  • Defence of EPA Prosecution.

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